How much does a website cost in the Philippines?

If you want to have a website, the basic question you might have in mind is how much a website cost in the Philippines. This has been a long question and some might probably know the answer. To answer your question on how much a website cost in the Philippines, it really depends on the scope of the project and budget. You can have a website, and you must afford it because it is costly. This is not a standard website cost. To know the expense, let’s sum it up!


Web hosting and domain

This is where the address for your contents. There are different rates around the web and it really depends on the features you want for your website hosting and domain. Lock-in features, free e-mail, free domain, 24/7 support, SSL, and other features are one of the lists that you will have upon registering a domain and web host. Some also offer higher rates because of the features you can get.


Most designers offer different salary ranges. So it is really up to you how much you features you want the designer is offering. Experienced web designers offer more than amateur and rising web designers.


It also depends on you as a client if you are on a budget. Always stick to your budget but if you want more features, you can adjust your budget. Creative website usually cost more than standard website because of the features.

Price Range website cost in the Philippines for most independent web designers and developers

Most designers offer a basic project range per year. See below.

  • Usually starts from $100 for a below-minimum range. This price range is already for a start-up website. This is a one-page website from free website editors around the web. This is a starter website cost or a budget cost. Some designers and developers offer a higher minimum range.
  • For $200-$300, this fee is mostly the basic or standard website price range. Usually from 15-30 pages. It can be mid creative.
  • $500-$2000 is mostly from additional features, plug-ins, and systems. This is full of content and takes months to complete the project. This is a big project where most mid-companies pay. This rate is also about creative and brand websites.
  • For other higher price ranges, it may be because it is a bigger project and maintenance fees.
  • There is also an hourly salary rate, but this one is usually from a designer or developer rate.

This is not a standard website designer fee. You may also look for other websites for designer fees.

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