How to hire a web designer / developer and what to look for?

Looking for a web designer is not easy for some clients. Improving and building a website is not an easy task.  It can be daunting at times. So you need a professional to guide you, like a web designer or a web developer. Below are just some guidelines on how to pick the right designer.

  1. The designer should know how to design. That is the basic character trait that a designer should have. He/She should know about picking the right color, aesthetics, typography, color theory,  UI/UX, and a lot more. Designers are also paid on how much effort he/she puts into it. He/She must know the current trends and designs. Whether he or she can design a brand for your site is a plus.
  2. The designer is professional. He/She must know how to take care of the client and the client’s needs and give efforts to quality design. Professionalism and courtesy is one good character trait the designer could have. He/She must know how to handle well in case of problems and pitfalls on the process.
  3. Experience. All designers ideally must be paid well. Doing a design is not an easy task. It takes years of experience and professionalism. The more experience the designer is, the more he/she knows about the craft. He/She may also be knowledgeable to other platforms and trends.
  4. Knows how to make a website. For developing websites, he/she must know how to code at least, or know how to work on a functional website. He/She may also know SEO and other tools to make the website more dynamic and content-driven. He/She must know the fundamentals and ideally need a lot to learn for other technologies too.
  5. Knows the deadline. A designer should know the deadline, so he/she can complete the project and know up-to-date  tasks. where He/She can be efficient and effective.

So there’s the list on picking a good web designer and developer. Hope you get the idea on how to pick a good web designer.

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